Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Making eminimethods.com safer for its visitors

By switching to the https protocol, a secure version of http.

Since no money has ever changed hands on my site, you have always been safe on it. The payments I collect for my e-mini futures trading products go through secure sites operating outside eminimethods.com. Nothing has changed in this regard.

But I have eventually switched to this secure protocol mainly because Google is practically forcing it on owners of online businesses. Of course, this costs more even if my site is as safe as it has ever been.  So much about freedom of doing business.

The new certificate will expire in two years, but it is actually set to renew automatically. That's one more evidence that I am not quitting my business any time soon.

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Revisiting my discovery of some effect in the distribution of primes

I mentioned it in on this blog in February. At that time, I already had a preprint written, which since then has gone through a few updates. I think I am pretty close to a final version.

Its title is "Statistical Bias in the Distribution of Prime Pairs and Isolated Primes." You can read it at this preprint repository. The paper is rather simple. A high school student with a decent math background should be able to follow it and even verify its findings for herself (ladies first) or himself. All the data, the code for a free software package that was used for this research and, of course, all the reasoning (very simple, in fact) that led to this discovery are in there.

The effect is novel compared to similar effects known before (such as the Chebyshev bias) and also significantly larger, even by 1-2 orders of magnitude.

I will probably try to get this research published in one of those peer-reviewed journals, if I find time for that. Not to mention the patience to deal with the peers. Yep, that's the people who have overlooked this effect, pretty large too, for whole generations. Some peers. Just kidding...

Thanks to the Interweb, the progress in science and mathematics is being communicated in real time and no stinking peer-review is needed for that. And it's really not a peer-review that ultimately decides if something is important and becomes a permanent part of mathematical or scientific knowledge. Important things once discovered usually remain part of such knowledge forever.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Another article on eminimethods.com

I just posted another article on my popular site dedicated to day trading e-mini futures markets. While I do not post them as often as before, as long as my site exists (and I plan on keeping it alive for many years to come), you can expect an article or two every year there, at the very least.

The newest of them, containing my pretty elaborate response to some recent prospective KING buyer's questions, can be found here. KING is a popular e-mini futures day trading course that I have mentioned on this blog many times before and will probably mention it some more in the years to come. That's because neither this blog nor KING are planning to retire any time soon either.

Most articles of interest to traders concentrate in two sections of my site. One is called A Word of Advice and features over 80 original articles about trading and trading emini futures in particular written by yours truly. The other section is focused on KING and, partially, on my vendor business, but contains many pieces that can be of interest not only to potential KING buyers, although I had them primarily in mind when designing this section. You can reach it via this link.

Enjoy your reading!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

KING's price set to rise in June

The price of KING, a popular e-mini futures day trading course, will soon reach its previous value of $1,400 (from 2016), and it's likely to climb again in the next year or two.

I am not going anywhere and neither is my business that has been around for over 12 years now and I am pretty much sure it will remain on the web for another 5 at the very least. My domain registered with GoDaddy does not expire until December 2020 (just extended it by one year), and is set to renew for another year.

As I mention on my site, I started my first business dedicated to futures trading in 1995. Closing it in 2002 was a big mistake because it could be making me money quite easily but I did not want to be distracted from trading e-mini futures that I embarked on full-time in 2002. Well, I am certainly not going to make this mistake again. My site and my business are so well-established now that not much work is necessary on my part for this business to easily pay for itself and even generate profit. When I add an active forum to it, I expect to take it to a new level.

I am not posting much here or on my site, but there is already tons of useful information there and here and adding more may actually be somewhat counterproductive. It may obscure more important information. If you check out my site, you will see that it contains a wealth of useful information that many other sites of this kind do not even try to provide as they focus on selling and marketing more than on education. In future, it's very possible that I will be using my forum for this purpose rather than my site, as this provides for some interaction from the readers, and that can be more useful than a one-way channel of communication that my site or this blog represent.

In any case, if you want to get KING at a great price of $1,300, these are the last days to do so in 2018.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Some surprising finding about prime numbers

I don't write here a lot about science or math, even though I am a theoretical (mathematical) physicist by training. But this is not really a science or mathematics blog. I thought of launching something like that many times now, but have decided against it. At this point, it would be just too much of a distraction from my business and other things in my life. I have been distracted too much over the last two years by things I really could not control, so to cut down on distraction I have to limit things I can control.

Still, I have been dabbling in mathematics for the past 3 years or so using Mathematica and PARI/GP for my mathematical explorations, focusing mainly on discrete mathematics and number theory.

That might have paid off. Perhaps even "bigly," but that's subjective.

Namely, I have recently uncovered something quite interesting in the distribution of prime numbers. Primes are a very fundamental class of numbers whose history of research spans over 2000 years and still attracts attention of the best mathematical minds.

I must say that I am still quite unsettled by this finding. It happened around February 4th. By February 11th, I had the first draft of a paper documenting it and now I am wondering what to do next. I am unsettled because what I have discovered, an anomaly of sorts (or bias), could have been discovered even 40-50 years ago by professional mathematicians with access to state of the art computing facilities and 20 years ago even by amateurs with the help of Mathematica, Maple, or a similar piece of software.

The fact that this effect has been overlooked makes me wonder if I am right. I think I am. The whole thing was rather simple to uncover, and perhaps the main reason it took so long for it to happen is because no one was really expecting it. The discovery was a bit accidental, as they sometimes are, but not entirely, because it was also driven by elementary curiosity helped by an attitude of not taking things for granted. Hence, an amateur may have had a better chance at it.

A paper on a similar thing (when it comes to the class of effects rather than their nature) made quite a splash when it was published recently in one of the most prestigious research journals. Its finding was reported on quite widely in popular science and mathematics media as very surprising, though superficially it did not look like that. Or, at least that's the impression you might have gotten from those popular outlets that often simplify things a bit.

When looked at deeper (or if you consulted more serious outlets, such as blogs of professional mathematicians) its surprising aspect became clearer. The moral: yes, there is a difference in how experts and journalists approach things, which may also mean that fake news are not necessarily deliberate but sometimes an outcome of someone's limited competence (see also this Wikipedia article on Hanlon's razor).

This moral has ramifications also when it comes to trading. Trading newbies often try learning from other newbies on trading forums. That's like learning from journalists (and often poor at that) versus learning from experts. There may be a price to pay for that down the road, often steep. Professionals are more likely to recognize this problem, that's probably why my educational business tends to attract them.

Well, we'll see. I should probably be more excited than I am. I was quite a bit when doing my research, but now the whole oomph  is gone and I have a few other things to keep me busy, some definitely unwanted, such as dealing with a psycho neighbor. Yes, psychos are still tougher to handle (and much less pleasant) than math. At least, for me.

I have lived in Hollywood for over 18 years now. Perhaps it's time to move out. I actually wanted to do this last year (and even earlier). The only thing that has really kept me in Southern California for so long is its great weather. But that's not enough in a grander scheme of things. If you take into account earthquakes and wildfires (and, occasionally, psychos), the place can be as dangerous as it is gorgeous.

6/05/2018: See also this post for an update.

Saturday, January 06, 2018

KING, a popular emini futures trading course, is now $1300

And that's not the last price hike this year.

I was keeping its price at $1200 for over a year as I was taking a bit of a break from running my business due to some reasons, mostly of personal or family nature, but I am back to a more regular mode, so expect some new developments coming this year.

Not all of them will be related to this popular e-mini futures day trading course whose 10th anniversary will be celebrated in the second half of 2018, but some certainly will.

Another, rather important development, that you can expect later this year, is the relaunch of the KING forum - more precisely, an e-mini futures trading forum that will be open to other e-mini futures traders (not only those using KING as their main trading methodology) or those interested in trading these financial instruments.

Also, NinjaTrader 8 indicators for KING will be released, most likely this month. They have really been ready for a year now, but somehow I have not managed to finish the whole thing off.

If you are a KING owner, you should receive an email from me this month, so stay tuned and keep checking my Twitter feed for more information about this and other things related to KING, trading, and e-mini futures trading, in particular.