Sunday, May 20, 2018

Another article on

I just posted another article on my popular site dedicated to day trading e-mini futures markets. While I do not post them as often as before, as long as my site exists (and I plan on keeping it alive for many years to come), you can expect an article or two every year there, at the very least.

The newest of them, containing my pretty elaborate response to some recent prospective KING buyer's questions, can be found here. KING is a popular e-mini futures day trading course that I have mentioned on this blog many times before and will probably mention it some more in the years to come. That's because neither this blog nor KING are planning to retire any time soon either.

Most articles of interest to traders concentrate in two sections of my site. One is called A Word of Advice and features over 80 original articles about trading and trading emini futures in particular written by yours truly. The other section is focused on KING and, partially, on my vendor business, but contains many pieces that can be of interest not only to potential KING buyers, although I had them primarily in mind when designing this section. You can reach it via this link.

Enjoy your reading!