Tuesday, April 05, 2022

The war in Ukraine - special offers on my trading products to help the refugees

Russia, a nation strongly, if not proudly, committed to be remembered as that of perennial rabid thugs hell-bent on making the lives of their neighbors as miserable as possible, has recently attacked yet another country having that dubious pleasure of being its neighbor. In the last hundred years or so, its aggression was directed (amongst others) against Japan (1904), Poland (1939), Finland (1940), Afghanistan (1979), and now against Ukraine. Every 40 years or so, the Russian imperialism raises its ugly head to meddle in the affairs of the neighbors without any invitation or sensible justification whatsoever.

Needless to say, the whole civilized human world and even some other brainier animals - too countless to name without risking omitting some of these noble species - have been strongly repulsed by this act of lawlessness and have united against Russia in various ways, first and foremost by supporting Ukraine's heroic fighters and by helping the millions of refugees from the invaded Ukraine that have been pouring into the neighboring countries, in the first place into Poland, the country of my birth, that shares with Ukraine the longest border of all her friendly neighbors. 

Thousands of Ukrainians, mostly women and children, are arriving in Poland every day and while some move to other, mostly European, countries, many are bound to stay. See this article for more (the picture below is from it).

Sadly, everything indicates that this exodus will last for some time to come. Still, these poor folks deserve our continuous help just as the Ukraine soldiers deserve the help and respect of all of us who reject unjust violence. The only just wars - and I believe I am hardly alone in this view - are defensive wars. Any other war is morally suspect, at best. Ukraine is waging a just war, while Russia is, again, an aggressor. 

It is with this folks in mind, the Ukrainian refugees in Poland, that I decided to extend my special offers for two of my main products (KING and Easy Money in Stocks) for some time to come. I have recently also lowered the price of another trading product (George Collection of trading systems). 

I had  earlier mentioned this on Twitter. I am now announcing it here and soon will make it even more official on my website. 

Profits from the sales of these 3 items will go towards helping the refugees. 

If interested in day trading e-mini futures or trading US stocks and if also interested in helping the less fortunate fleeing from the biggest war zone in Europe since the WWII, then this is one way to go about it. If not interested in trading or in this idea of mine, I would still encourage you to find some other way to help these people and their  nation in its recovery from this devastating, barbaric war.

Update (04/27/2022): See also this article on my site that just got updated.

Friday, December 31, 2021

Another update of my e-mini futures trading site

The last one this passing year, the seventh in 2021.  You can check out updates like that here. For comparison, there were only two such updates in 2020. 2022 is also very likely to bring more than two. 

Three new articles were posted on my e-mini futures site in 2021, two of them about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. A new section was added to A Word of Advice to accommodate articles of this sort. 

This last update is about special end of the year offers. Later than usual, but I will keep them for longer than usual too - until the last day of March 2022. 

By these special offers I mean discounts on KING, my main trading product, an emini futures day trading course and my original stock trading method. The discounts are significant: over 50% on the method and nearly 30% on the course. 

These products will be updated in 2022, and so you can expect their prices to rise a bit. Now is the best time to get them at the prices you will never see again.

Other exciting things are also coming to my site and trading education business in the next several months, so keep checking it out or join me on Twitter if you don't want to miss important updates. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

"A Word of Advice" enlarged by a new section devoted to novel digital instruments (cryptos, NFTs)

The page in question, A Word of Advice, is one of the more popular pages of my site dedicated primarily, but not exclusively, to day trading e-mini futures markets. 

Not exclusively, for the site presents also some insight on trading stocks, and even offers an original stock trading method, based on fundamental rather than technical considerations. 

As of now, this page features 86 articles divided into several categories. More are still very likely to be added to it in the years if not the weeks to come. 

But the site main strength, true to its very name, is in the area of day trading e-mini futures, and as such it has already a pretty long history of over 15 years. And counting, as I am determined to keep going until at least its 20th anniversary.  

I decided to expand its contents by adding to it articles on novel digital trading instruments, such as cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are now part of the burgeoning fintech scene. Still viewed as alternative (meaning also more risky) investments, they are expected - or, at least, I would expect them - to become more mainstream in the coming years. 

I did it by creating a new section (category) in the A Word of Advice page. It is at its very bottom. Last, but certainly not meant to be the least. I hope it will grow. 

I have been writing about cryptos for a good few months now. Mostly on this blog, which has now  labels for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, much less, though, on my site, but this is going to change now. Expect more of this sort of content to be added to my site, perhaps even with some more specific advice on how to trade cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin - the only cryptocurrency that I follow more closely - in particular. Not too much, though, as I want to keep my site focused on trading e-mini futures. 

The first article added to the new section of A Word of Advice is a bit of a polemic with one Mr. Paulson, who in the trading or investing world is no doubt better known than yours truly, but everyone can be wrong, and sometimes, even spectacularly so. I think Mr. Paulson rather negative view of Bitcoin is pretty misguided. 

Friday, October 15, 2021

Bitcoin, or revisiting my previous post

 I said in it, as you can easily verify, that 

"However, my opinion about the cryptos, specifically when it comes to Bitcoin, is now more bullish than ever. This is so because Bitcoin is showing greater strength at critical junctures than I was anticipating it. I believe that at this point its upside is a bit greater than its downside and it may still reach new highs, perhaps even by the end of 2021."

I am glad to see that Bitcoin is acting to confirm my bullish stance. Yes, it's all about strength at critical junctures, where it can go both ways, but the longer term it actually continues to go up. 

If you are skilled at analyzing the market from a technical perspective, you can see the market turning points a day or two in advance of them happening. As I did, for instance, in this tweet (see below) that anticipated a very sharp, short term, bearish reversal. 

I saw the bullish reversal coming too, but I didn't tweet about it, probably because I was too busy or, at least, too distracted, with something else that day, so I can't claim any bragging rights. However, I also don't tweet about every major move in Bitcoin as I don't watch its chart that often. Perhaps just  a few times a month. 

I still don't have any position in any cryptocurrency market either.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Curated - Selected Internet Articles on Crypto Markets

For many months now I have been posting in my Twitter trading (business) account articles about the cryptocurrency markets, including Bitcoin, the leading market as well as the most popular trading or investing instrument of this kind.

They have been chosen primarily for their quality, and not, for instance,  for sensationalism, which is not that uncommon in the media, financial or otherwise. Unfortunately, not every article out there about these issues, that are still pretty controversial, delivers much in terms of value. In fact, it seems, most can be categorized as either outright propaganda, or, on the other side, as blatant bashing. I might have twitted links to such extremes too, but without choosing sides or being biased in favor of one side over the other. Mostly, though, I have been trying to post "fair and balanced" - to use this popular, if trite, phrase - accounts of what's going on in the crypto business.  

In other words, one can say, the links to the articles on cryptocurrency, that I have been tweeting for some time now, have been curated.  I promise to keep it that way. Moreover, starting in August 2021, I will also be collecting these tweets in this article. I may, actually, choose only the most important of them for inclusion in here. 

For the sake of full disclosure: I am not exactly in the crypto camp - just a curious bystander, that is, also not really against this increasingly popular fintech innovation either. Unlike some who constantly try to capitalize on bashing it. As an outsider, I believe I may have a better perspective on things. 

I have tried to present this perspective in two longer posts on this blog, so you may want to check them out. This perspective, I should add, keeps evolving, and is now more bullish (see also below). 

In particular, I believe that at this stage, caution is definitely advised. These markets are very volatile and, being unregulated, attract dubious, sometimes criminal, operators, so there is a greater potential for fraud than in regular markets such as bonds, futures, or stocks. For this reason, betting your whole barn on them is a very foolish idea. But investing reasonably modest amounts of money that will not break your bank account, or trading with such amounts, would be fine, by me. Still, as of this writing, I hold no cryptocurrency position. 

However, my opinion about the cryptos, specifically when it comes to Bitcoin, is now more bullish than ever. This is so because Bitcoin is showing greater strength at critical junctures than I was anticipating it. I believe that at this point its upside is a bit greater than its downside and it may still reach new highs, perhaps even by the end of 2021. Don't treat this as any sort of advice to trade or invest in it, just an opinion. 

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Computer technology for trading

From time to time I get questions from visitors to my site at eminimethods.com. This rather popular niche website, that has been around for over 15 years now, deals primarily with day trading e-mini futures, especially stock index futures such as YM or ES.  

Some of these questions concern what one would loosely call trading technology, by which I mean both computer hardware and software that e-mini futures traders should equip themselves in to be able to compete with large and growing, multinational, a crowd of other market participants. 

A number of articles on my site were inspired by such questions and I just added another one, specifically about the computer trading technology. Thus instead of  addressing this issue anew here, let me simply highlight these pieces. 

The one just mentioned is dedicated mostly to Sierra Chart, an excellent charting and trading platform, that I first started using way back around 2003, and continued using it throughout my whole e-mini futures day trading career. I also talk about Bracket Trader in there, another program that I was using for many years. Its use, however, is limited to Interactive Brokers, and so its popularity is naturally also limited compared to Sierra Chart that can be used not only with this particular broker but many others as well. 

Let me also point out that both Sierra Chart and Bracket Trader along with a few other trading software products are featured in a special section called Recommended

There is also an article in the same section of my site, called A Word of Advice, that addresses the computer hardware for traders. Written in 2014, it may be dated a bit now, and will most likely be updated by me at some later point, it talks about the best computer equipment for trading e-mini futures markets

More articles like that may be coming in future, so you may want to revisit my site from time to time, if interested. It is now being updated more often than in the recent past and this is likely to continue for months if not years to come.  

Monday, April 26, 2021

Is Bitcoin really a scam?

Nassim Taleb definitely thinks so (see my tweet below). He talks about Bitcoin being a Ponzi scheme, which is just a special kind of financial scam. 

Taleb is a well-known finance personality with a respectable Twitter following, cultish to a large extent, which I consider rather problematic - in general, not just in his case - though I am not saying he is to blame for that. He is an author of several popular books, which I have found interesting and even recommend at least one of them on my website. He is known for strong opinions, not in the least about his adversaries, whom he considers pretty much universally stupid - well, I may be simplifying things a bit, just to be facetious, but probably not that much. 

Anyway, as I noted in my tweet (a retweet, actually), my take on this Bitcoin issue is a bit subtler. I presented it in a pretty recent post on this blog and also addressed it briefly on my site

Taleb is certainly not alone in his opinion. And hardly the first one to state this so bluntly on social media or on a blog. 

Still, the public appears to be very divided on this issue, with the Bitcoin advocates trying to justify the current cryptomania as the beginning of something so totally new that only few can really comprehend it. Well, they may be right as only those early few will surely benefit from this bubble. Taleb's opinion is shared by those convinced that bubbles sooner or later burst as the history of such events shows. Count me in this camp. The laws of economics would have to change for this case to be different. Now, this would really be something extraordinary. 

I am, however, betting that Elon (of the Musk family), the guy behind some of the pretty recent Bitcoin activity, will sooner land his people on Mars than this will happen. And they are not getting there by 2030, for sure. By then, the Bitcoin bubble may just be a bad memory for too many, I am afraid.  

Keep in mind that Elon has very deep pockets. He can afford more than ordinary pikers, and most of us are just pikers from the point of view of the size he can trade. He may even know who that Satoshi guy is and what he has really been up to with his scheme. Impossible? Perhaps not if you are the richest guy in the world, which he was just recently. He may trade on information you are not and will never be privy to and he may time his moves the way you will never be able to. And with his large clout through social media he may use you to facilitate his moves. This is not a sound proposition. Even if we talk only about possibilities here. This is always a problem with poorly regulated markets. They can be easily manipulated. By the big fish, and you ain't it. 

This is not to say that I suspect Elon Musk to be engaging in some Bitcoin shenanigans, but merely that there is plenty of room for manipulation for whales like him and others we may even never heard of that are pulling the strings. Judging by how much volatility is in the Bitcoin price, some of it may as well be due to that.  

I find the whole situation pretty dystopian. It's like living in a split virtual financial Universe that is bound to disappear eventually like a bad dream as they, by their very nature of being virtual, always do. 

I have no position in the crypto markets and look at the whole spectacle from the position of curious and increasingly amused a bystander. Still, I would not advocate any crypto investment at this point to anyone except really those with money to burn. Nor do I plan to take any long term position in these markets myself. Trading them is a different story, but I have no plans for that either.

However, I am also afraid that if Nassim Taleb is right, and he may well be, then many people will get burned really bad and this may forever project on their view of financial markets. There are always good trading opportunities in the markets that have been around for many decades, are well regulated, and decently liquid. Once you have mastered trading them, you can easily augment your income without chasing another dogecoin or some other crypto. 

In fact, the very term "crypto" sounds like a warning from the future. In 10 years or so, we may be telling tales from the crypt (pun intended) whose protagonists are hapless Bitcoin "investors." 

The recommended markets I alluded to above include stocks and futures, the latter, due to leverage, for the less risk averse crowd. You may want to check out what I have to offer in this respect. 

For stocks, especially if you are just a beginner, you may be interested in my original trading method that is based on fundamental analysis rather than technical one as is the case much more often. 

While I used to trade the stocks for several years, mostly during the Internet mania of the 90's, for nearly two decades by now I have specialized in trading e-mini futures markets and my flagship trading product is an e-mini futures day trading course, which I particularly recommend your attention.