Friday, December 30, 2022

Custom NinjaTrader 8 indicators for KING

Custom NinjaTrader 8 indicators for KING have been released just recently. They are the same as for NinjaTrader 7, but I had to recode them in a few places and retest them so that they run as they should. No problems have been found with them, everybody who bought them, and that's several people already, is happy, just as it should be.

I am not the biggest fan of NinjaTrader, to be honest. For about 15 years, as an active e-mini futures trader, I was using Sierra Chart for my trading and I can truly recommend this software to anyone considering day trading e-mini futures (or stocks, Forex, for that matter). But no doubt NinjaTrader suits many just fine and with them in mind I have released these indicators. 

In fact, KING, an e-mini futures day trading course, has been designed with Sierra Chart in mind. If you are using this software for charting (or placing trades as you can do this via SieraChart too, which makes SierraChart no different in this respect from NinjaTrader), you can use standard (native to Sierra Chart) indicators. Custom, a bit nicer, indicators for this platform were released in the past as well and they would work for many years to come, but eventually, because of some changes in the software, ceased to be operating correctly. 

I have to recode them now. I should have done this sooner, but being being busy with other things of more personal nature, I could not find time or (perhaps) strength to do so. However, I am now working on this in earnest, and they will come in the first quarter of 2023. But, as I said, you can still use the standard ones. That's the ones I was using when designing KING. That's also the ones that KRH was using when he was writing this review of KING.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Helping Ukrainian refugees in Poland: why it's very personal for me

 A few months back I posted this article on this very blog. 

The piece is about my modest effort to help displaced Ukrainian refugees who have found themselves in Poland fleeing the Russian war atrocities in their own country. For those who might have just arrived on this planet, a very brief info maybe in order: in late February 2022, the Russian army attacked the sovereign nation of Ukraine under the pretext of "denazification." 

The real reason is less noble: most Russians actually do not consider Ukrainians a separate nation, but, at best, somewhat misguided, perhaps even wayward sons and daughters of the great Russian nation. That's the essence of this war and, at the same time, the essence and foundation of Russian imperialism towards neighboring Slavic nations. 

This war in Russia, for many months called there just "a special operation," is presented by the official Kremlin propaganda as a brotherly help of sorts, just as the Soviet intervention in the former Czechoslovakia in 1968 was, when that proud nation of Czechs and Slovaks went off the "right" course, which could have led it to become too independent of the Kremlin rulers. Russians are way too predicable in their ways of handling such situations to be able to fool anyone in Eastern Europe, or in much of the West, some useful Putin idiots here and there being just a glaring exception to this rule. 

Being originally from Poland, for many centuries Russia's neighbor, I know these things all too well. It is a sad but truthful statement that the Russians and then the Soviets treated Poland as a vasal country for many long years that would add up to more than a century. Yet putting it this way may not convey the truth at the more primal, individual, human level. Because behind such treatment there was always a lot of genuine human suffering, the kind of suffering you can now witness in Ukraine. 

This suffering affected many Polish families, including mine. 

When the Soviets entered the eastern part of Poland in mid September 1939 and the Nazis, who had attacked Poland on September 1st, were steadily expanding their conquest of her territory, my grandparents (on both sides) found themselves trapped under the Stalinist rule. The Soviet invasion of Poland was the result of a secret Ribbentrop-Molotov pact, the pact made actually between Hitler and Stalin that amounted to yet another partition of Poland, only 20 years after the last such period of partitions, also between Russia and Germany (originally Prussia), and also Austria, had ended. 

It was my mother's family that suffered the most. When the Soviets arrived, they very much started hunting for able-bodied men and women to serve as a cheap labor force deep inside Russia. My grandma and grandpa ended up in a Siberian labor camp. She returned a few years later alone. He remained in Siberia. Or, rather, his dead body did. Unlike my grandma, whom I knew well and grew very close to, I never got to know him. I don't think I have even seen his picture. 

But she returned profoundly changed, damaged by the war and forced labor experience. She never fully recovered from it, being forever pretty much lost in the world, relying on the support of her friends or family to a large extent, never being able to hold a job for a longer period of time. My mother was being raised by her aunt while her parents were laboring in Siberia. She would never be able to relate to her mother, once, I suppose, because as a child she might have felt abandoned by her, and, twice, because her mother, traumatically affected by the war, might have seemed to her strange, unable to relate to her daughter as you would expect a normal mother do. 

Sometimes I wonder if this trauma, clearly not only my grandma's but also my mom's, did not also affect me; if only because my mother would sometimes be pretty rude if not hostile to her own mother. I could not understand it at that time, but it would upset me greatly since I loved my grandma and was very attached to it. Only much later on, when I learned my grandparents' war history I was able to better understand what might have strained the relationship between the mother and her daughter. It was the traumatic war experience, and, no doubt, the Siberian labor camp experience was a particularly painful part of it. 

Yes, I learned about it much later on because neither my grandma nor my mom wanted to talk about it. This does not surprise me in the least for it is not easy at all to talk about one's trauma. It brings about a lot of emotions that are often hard to control. Doing so makes you very vulnerable, which most people would rather avoid. 

It is for these reasons that women who got raped, or other victims of violence or injustice, for that matter, may find it quite hard to report it to the police. That also explains why many Jews kept quiet about their Holocaust experience in the years directly after WWII. 

You may now understand better why when the news of the Russian aggression on Ukraine reached me, it became deeply personal to me. My memory flashed back to my time with my grandma, a tragic victim of  another such aggression. This war will too, unfortunately, produce many new victims. It is doing it every day it lasts. It is a stupid, unprovoked war and should be condemned by all civilized people. 

And we should do our best to help its victims. It is with this in mind that I have created special offers for two of my main products (KING and Easy Money in Stocks) and have recently also lowered the price of another trading product (George Collection of trading systems). 

Profits from the sales of these 3 items will go towards helping the refugees. 

If not interested in trading stocks or e-mini futures or in this particular idea of mine, I would still encourage you to find some way to help these people and their nation in these very difficult for them times. 

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Let me reiterate: forget flaky cryptos, give stocks (or e-mini futures) a try

Another week in the crypto-world and another disaster that sends BTC and other cryptocurrencies much lower despite their already significant declines that have happened over the past 5 months or so only. 

This time, it's because the FTX (a cryptocurrency exchange) founder, a genius-boy of sorts, had badly overestimated his genius and the company he founded, worth previously billions (about 32) of US dollars, went bankrupt. Some now say that Sam Bankman-Fried may make look Bernie Madoff look like Jesus Christ, and that's not a particularly nice comparison, to put it very mildly. 

Yes, his greed was obvious, but, apparently, it was the right kind of greed because it was intended to save the world. Yeah, right. It is for good reason that greed is (mostly, tough exclusively among the wise) considered a vice. It's because it can hurt not only you, but also many others you travel with, so to speak. It can have, and too often has, very bad consequences. 

Moreover, the greed in trading means usually a poor risk management and that is a deadly sin. 

Let me remind you that not that long ago, only about two months back, I pointed out in the last educational piece on my site that cryptocurrencies were definitely not a way to start your trading career or get invested heavily in and I also mentioned that the bearish trend in the BTC chart could indicate still lower prices. That's where we are at now: lower prices of about $16,600 compared to what was back then about $19,000. 

In the meantime, the BTC and other cryptos tried to stage a rally. But it fizzled out and with this very bad publicity disaster, just another one in an already long string of such disasters over the last few years, the cryptocurrency popularity is not likely to rebound soon, to put it rather mildly. 

So, I urge you again, to forget about cryptos and look into stocks and then into e-mini futures. A good, very safe starting point for trading stocks is my original trading method, Easy Money in Stocks, that is now only $75. For a good start into day trading e-mini futures, you may want to check out my flagship trading product, KING, a popular day trading course.

While there is no absolute safety in trading, investing, or any kind of business for that matter, it pays off to start with right tools and a right mindset as well. The founder of the now infamous FTX might have had the right tools, but I would question his mindset and his mental maturity. 

And so should question you when it comes to bubbles for he and the cryptocurrency world he was so heavily invested in have just been the bubbles. As his example demonstrates, the bubbles deflate sooner or later, his deflated surprisingly fast. Learn from that and stay safe (or safer, at least) with the right trading vehicles and the right trading tools. 

Monday, September 19, 2022

So, what's up, again? How about we talk about things beyond Bitcoin?

Indeed, again - as I have just posted something to this effect (similar headline) on my trading site. A new piece - partly, at least, educational.

And it's not only about Bitcoin that still is very much in the news, although these days mostly because of its rather poor performance. It's about broader trading opportunities that my site at addresses through its articles and popular courses on trading e-mini futures and stock markets. 

If you have spotted that I am not posting here as much as before, congrats on your spotless (pun intended) observation. This has partly to do with the war in Ukraine, and partly because I want to focus more on my site. 

This blog has already well over 500 posts, more will still be coming, but it makes sense to keep the main site of my educational business busy as well. Speaking of which, the article I alluded to in the first paragraph is the 90th one in my site frequently visited section of A Word of Advice.  

I invite you then to visit my site and to keep checking out this blog as well for this is certainly not the last post here yet. I started the blog in 2005 and intend to run it through 2025 or perhaps even longer. 

Tuesday, April 05, 2022

The war in Ukraine - special offers on my trading products to help the refugees

Russia, a nation strongly, if not proudly, committed to be remembered as that of perennial rabid thugs hell-bent on making the lives of their neighbors as miserable as possible, has recently attacked yet another country having that dubious pleasure of being its neighbor. In the last hundred years or so, its aggression was directed (amongst others) against Japan (1904), Poland (1939), Finland (1940), Afghanistan (1979), and now against Ukraine. Every 40 years or so, the Russian imperialism raises its ugly head to meddle in the affairs of the neighbors without any invitation or sensible justification whatsoever.

Needless to say, the whole civilized human world and even some other brainier animals - too countless to name without risking omitting some of these noble species - have been strongly repulsed by this act of lawlessness and have united against Russia in various ways, first and foremost by supporting Ukraine's heroic fighters and by helping the millions of refugees from the invaded Ukraine that have been pouring into the neighboring countries, in the first place into Poland, the country of my birth, that shares with Ukraine the longest border of all her friendly neighbors. 

Thousands of Ukrainians, mostly women and children, are arriving in Poland every day and while some move to other, mostly European, countries, many are bound to stay. See this article for more (the picture below is from it).

Sadly, everything indicates that this exodus will last for some time to come. Still, these poor folks deserve our continuous help just as the Ukraine soldiers deserve the help and respect of all of us who reject unjust violence. The only just wars - and I believe I am hardly alone in this view - are defensive wars. Any other war is morally suspect, at best. Ukraine is waging a just war, while Russia is, again, an aggressor. 

It is with this folks in mind, the Ukrainian refugees in Poland, that I decided to extend my special offers for two of my main products (KING and Easy Money in Stocks) for some time to come. I have recently also lowered the price of another trading product (George Collection of trading systems). 

I had  earlier mentioned this on Twitter. I am now announcing it here and soon will make it even more official on my website. 

Profits from the sales of these 3 items will go towards helping the refugees. 

If interested in day trading e-mini futures or trading US stocks and if also interested in helping the less fortunate fleeing from the biggest war zone in Europe since the WWII, then this is one way to go about it. If not interested in trading or in this idea of mine, I would still encourage you to find some other way to help these people and their  nation in its recovery from this devastating, barbaric war.

Update (04/27/2022): See also this article on my site that just got updated.

Friday, December 31, 2021

Another update of my e-mini futures trading site

The last one this passing year, the seventh in 2021.  You can check out updates like that here. For comparison, there were only two such updates in 2020. 2022 is also very likely to bring more than two. 

Three new articles were posted on my e-mini futures site in 2021, two of them about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. A new section was added to A Word of Advice to accommodate articles of this sort. 

This last update is about special end of the year offers. Later than usual, but I will keep them for longer than usual too - until the last day of March 2022. 

By these special offers I mean discounts on KING, my main trading product, an emini futures day trading course and my original stock trading method. The discounts are significant: over 50% on the method and nearly 30% on the course. 

These products will be updated in 2022, and so you can expect their prices to rise a bit. Now is the best time to get them at the prices you will never see again.

Other exciting things are also coming to my site and trading education business in the next several months, so keep checking it out or join me on Twitter if you don't want to miss important updates. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

"A Word of Advice" enlarged by a new section devoted to novel digital instruments (cryptos, NFTs)

The page in question, A Word of Advice, is one of the more popular pages of my site dedicated primarily, but not exclusively, to day trading e-mini futures markets. 

Not exclusively, for the site presents also some insight on trading stocks, and even offers an original stock trading method, based on fundamental rather than technical considerations. 

As of now, this page features 86 articles divided into several categories. More are still very likely to be added to it in the years if not the weeks to come. 

But the site main strength, true to its very name, is in the area of day trading e-mini futures, and as such it has already a pretty long history of over 15 years. And counting, as I am determined to keep going until at least its 20th anniversary.  

I decided to expand its contents by adding to it articles on novel digital trading instruments, such as cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are now part of the burgeoning fintech scene. Still viewed as alternative (meaning also more risky) investments, they are expected - or, at least, I would expect them - to become more mainstream in the coming years. 

I did it by creating a new section (category) in the A Word of Advice page. It is at its very bottom. Last, but certainly not meant to be the least. I hope it will grow. 

I have been writing about cryptos for a good few months now. Mostly on this blog, which has now  labels for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, much less, though, on my site, but this is going to change now. Expect more of this sort of content to be added to my site, perhaps even with some more specific advice on how to trade cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin - the only cryptocurrency that I follow more closely - in particular. Not too much, though, as I want to keep my site focused on trading e-mini futures. 

The first article added to the new section of A Word of Advice is a bit of a polemic with one Mr. Paulson, who in the trading or investing world is no doubt better known than yours truly, but everyone can be wrong, and sometimes, even spectacularly so. I think Mr. Paulson rather negative view of Bitcoin is pretty misguided.