Friday, July 05, 2013

Bing gets "emini futures blog" right!

Bing gets a lot of things right that Google does not, but it would take a pretty long article to elaborate on how much better Bing has become over the years compared to Google, the fact that is, sadly, still largely under-appreciated by the public.

Yes, Bing gets "emini futures blog" right as you can see from the image below taken recently. Today things may be different, the positions in search engines fluctuate on a daily basis, they may depend on your location on the planet, and even on your browser, oddly enough, but true.

Bing, as pointed out by me on another occasion, also got "emini trading results" right, a feat Google has yet to match. Sorry, Big G, but linking to my site for this keyword from the distant 40-60 position in your search results (on a good week, that is), is a joke.

And that's not the only thing that Google has been struggling with when it comes to my site and e-mini futures or e-mini trading related keywords. Google has another serious problem, the problem of very poor resolution. For instance, while Bing links to the correct page(s) on my site for "emini trading results," that's not the case with Google that links either to the main page of my site or to some other page that is not as closely related to e-mini trading results as it could be and is in the Bing's search results. In other words, while Bing is spot on, Google fumbles the task of choosing the right pages amazingly badly.

So, all hail Bing, and those who refuse to, please do yourself a favor and take a closer look at the quality of Bing's results as opposed to the usual Google junk and you may start to appreciate it as well. At least, more than you might have so far.